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Date: 10th May 2016
Silastic Insulated Motor Lead Wire JHXG Model
Jiangsu Chaoyang High-Temperature Cable Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China silastic insulated motor lead wire jhxg model manufacturers,Website:http://www.jscables.com, equipped with one of the famous silastic insulated motor lead wire jhxg model brands, welcome to wholesale good products from our factory.Jiangsu Chaoyang High Temperature Cable Co., Ltd.Silastic insulated motor lead wire JHXG modelProduct application:This product is applicable for Fand H insulated motor lead wire of AC voltage 1140V and below. It can be used for national defense, shipment and rolling stock.Nominal section mm2ConductorStructure mmExternal diameter mmNominal section mm2ConductorStructure mmExternal diameter mm0.7524/0.203.416126/0.409.21.032/0.203.625193/0.40111.530/0.253.835276/0.40132.549/0.254.750296/0.40154.056/0.305.570360/0.5017.86.084/0.30695475/0.5020.110.084/0.407.6120608/0.5025.0JB/T 6213.4-2006 ?Silastic insulated motor lead wire and cable(JG)ModelNameJGSilastic insulated motor Windings lead cable(wire)modelrated voltage VCore numberNominal section mm2Silastic insulated motor Windings lead cable(wire)50010.5-1010000.5-24030002.5-240600016-2401000025-240Nominal section mm2Insulated nominal thicknessmmAverage outside diameter upper limitmm500V1000V3000V6000V10000V500V1000V3000V6000V10000V0.
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