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Date: 10th May 2016
Flat Type Flexible Cable
Jiangsu Chaoyang High-Temperature Cable Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China flat type flexible cable manufacturers,Website:http://www.jscables.com, equipped with one of the famous flat type flexible cable brands, welcome to wholesale good products from our factory.High temperature resistant wire and cableTel?0523-83998958 ?83998838 83763838 ? 83764698 ? ? ? ? ? ?Fax?0523-83765388Address?No.288 ChaoYang RD, Zhangguo Twon, Xinghua,Jiangsu ??Post Code?225722Silastic insulated sheath, flat type flexible cableProduct application:The products are used for connection lines of hoist, crane and other mobile device which require high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance under AC rated voltage 450V/750V and below.Product Feature:(1) ?Long-term working temperature: -60 ~+180 .(2) ?Multi core wire products can withstand AC 50HZ test voltage and 5 min test of 2000V test voltage.(3) ?It has good ultraviolet radiation for outdoor use. Also it has good aging resistance, ozone resistance(4) ?Good electrical properties, waterproof and mould proofing in long term humid environment(5) ?Maintain good flexibility and physical properties while high frequency movementProduct structure diagrammatic sketchModel and NameModelNameCross section mm2Core numberYGGBSilastic insulated sheath flat type flexible cable0.5-2519 cores belowYFGBfluoroplastics insulated Silastic flat type flexible cable0.5-2519 cores belowOrdering instruction:Flat type cable ordering can be supplied according to the requirements of structure, color and length.
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