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Date: 10th May 2016
Carbon Fiber Heating Wire
Jiangsu Chaoyang High-Temperature Cable Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China carbon fiber heating wire manufacturers,Website:http://www.jscables.com, equipped with one of the famous carbon fiber heating wire brands, welcome to wholesale good products from our factory.High temperature resistance wire and cableCall: 0523-83998958 83998838 83763838 83764698 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Fax: 0523-83765388Address?No.888,Chaoyang Road, Zhangguo Town, Xinghua City, Jiangsu ? ? ?Zip code:225722Carbon fiber heating wireCarbon fiber heating wire uses imported advanced fiber heating element to make all kinds of electrical heating element, with external insulation in the material of silicone rubber, fluoroplastic, glass fibre and PVCProduct usage: ? ? ?Can be installed in all kinds of tile, marble, cement and wood floor or internal heating of wall, especially have outstanding using effect in the industries such as: freeze protection of oil field pipeline, breed aquatics and electroplating, etc..Product standard: Q/321281.KLA04-2009Product featurePower saving, thermal conversion rate up to above 98%Emit heat fast, can start to emit heat 3 seconds after power on, turn into cold once power offConvenient to use, can be used in both AC and DC power supply, high pressure resistance in water, can be sunk in water directly to heatStable and homogeneous resistance value, temperature is constant and won t become hotter and hotter under normal useHeating element is difficult to be oxidized and aged, can stand repeatedly bends without damage on external materialProduct sketch mapElectric heat and current, temperature change of carbon fiberTypeCurrentChange of heating wire in different typePVC and silicone rubberFluoroplastic F-46Glass fibre braid3K6K12K24K3K6K12K3K6K12K140703517.5140703514070350.13432303336303736300.24840324848346043340.379573633.28069439056430.4105784437.1113885413472530.51005646.21571036318192630.66838.520212573230112.2730.7866615093280137890.8100831771143301631000.9911921304051921141.01051502241301.11652501501.2187280170TypeCurrentAChange of heating wire in different typePVC and silicone rubberFluoroplastic F-46Glass fibre braid3K6K12K24K3K6K12K3K6K12K140703517.5140703514070351.32003181951.43422271.53722441.64252641.72881.83151.93302.03902.1420
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