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Date: 10th May 2016
Alloy Fiber Heating Wire
Jiangsu Chaoyang High-Temperature Cable Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China alloy fiber heating wire manufacturers,Website:http://www.jscables.com, equipped with one of the famous alloy fiber heating wire brands, welcome to wholesale good products from our factory.Jiangsu Chaoyang High Temperature Cable Co., Ltd.Alloy fiber heating wireHeating fiber and heating wire both use high strength glass fiber as wire core, rolled with high temperature alloy fiber heating element, and covered with insulation materials such as: PVC , silicone rubber, fluoroplastic and glass fibre, etc.Product usage: ? ?Can be used in internal wiring of refrigerator defrosting, medical heat preservation, factory pipeline heating, electric blanket and refrigeratorProduct sketch mapheating fiber ? glass fibre ?temperature sensing wireinsulatorProduct name and parameterProduct namePVC heating wirePVC double ? layer heating wireSilicone rubber heating wireFluoroplastic heating wireGlass fibre heating wireHeating elementUse nichrome, constantan alloy, contamin, copper alloy, etc. as heating wire(depends on product)Insulating materialPVCPVCSilicone rubberFluoroplasticGlass fibreNominal voltage300300300?500300?500300?500Rated temperature105105180200300Resistance value1 /m-1000 /mOrdering instructionCan order goods according to users requirement on colour separation and material selectionThe length of electric wire can t be less than 100 meters, short line segments which not less than 10 meters are allowable, the total quantity can t exceed 20% of total length, can also deliver goods according to consensual length
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